Plant Warranty

Plant Warranty

PLANT WARRANTY: We warranty to the extent of the purchase price only. All plant material to be true to name, up-to-date, and in a healthy growing condition when it leaves the nursery. Written claims for plants found damaged or not healthy must be made within five days after receipt of stock.

LANDSCAPING PLANTING WARRANTY: We warranty to replace once, any woody plants, planted by us, that fail to grow for a period of 90 days after date of planting, provided plants have had adequate watering and care, have not been damaged, and customer’s account has been paid within 30 days after date of invoice. Larger plants need to also be hand watered every other day (depending on size) for at least the first 30 days. Claims must be made as soon as discovered and within one year after date of planting. We cannot be responsible for plant failure due to excess water, fire, wind, cold, salt, vandalism or other reasons beyond our control. No guarantee applies in the transplanting of the customer’s plants.

LAWN WARRANTY: It is a well-known fact that producing a successful lawn is often more difficult than any other phase of gardening. We endeavor to use the best seed/sod and materials available for each specific situation. We cannot, however, control the weather, soil conditions, or subsequent care which determine the success or failure of lawns after they are planted. we, therefore, warranty to the extent of the purchase price only. We want your lawn to succeed and will be glad to advise you with respect to it’s proper care at any time!

IRRIGATION SYSTEM WARRANTY: You should monitor the irrigation system once a month to ensure that all of your new plant materials are getting the right amount of water, especially during the dry season. Remember, height of the spray heads and risers need to be adjusted periodically to keep up with the growth of the plants. Warranty is one (1) year on parts and labor for a new system and 30 days on parts and labor on repairs. Warranty does not cover damage caused by others. It is the customer’s responsibility to keep proper settings in accordance with the current water restrictions.

All orders are accepted on the above conditions and no other warranty or guarantee of any kind, expressed or implied, is assumed.

REMEMBER: Proper installation is very important, but the continued beauty of your new landscaping depends entirely on how well it is maintained. We highly recommend the hiring of a professional company for the maintaining, fertilizing and insect/disease/weed control of your landscaping and turf area.

NOTE: It is the property owner’s responsibility to keep all the landscaping properly watered. If the irrigation system is not working or is in need of repair, it is the property owner’s responsibility to keep all the landscaping watered until the irrigation system is working properly. Landscaper Tampa, Landscaping Tune-Ups, Inc. will not replace any landscaping due to improper watering or neglect.

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